Anstey Group enhance client’s capabilities to increase access and sustain activities in the most challenging environments in Middle East, Africa and South West Asia by direct or indirect managing and mitigating the client’s risks.

Anstey Group add value by:

  • Providing a unique insight to an extremely dynamic region where informal and formal structures are working in complex patterns that are invisible and out of reach to our competitors.
  • Providing analysis and advise for clients to overcome predictable and unpredictable obstacles preventing them from moving forward.
  • Reducing risk financially, politically, physically and at the same time protect the client’s reputation.
  • Designing and implement risk mitigating solutions for the clients to increase their access and sustain operations in emerging markets and unstable environments.
  • Running risk management and security operations so the client can focus on their core activities.
  • Providing tailored risk management, crisis management and security training for clients ranging from entire organisation to individuals on all levels.


Anstey Group help clients with organisational development by increasing your capability to manage performance and make organisational change happen. 

Anstey Group add value by:

  • Providing analysis to identify need and targets for organisational development
  • Planning the development including performance management and change management 
  • Manage the organisational development and sub processes to achieve set targets.
  • Running training and education for your staff to increase inhouse capability and speed up processes  
  • Evaluate and confirm development